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OPEN AND SHUT CASE: Brooke Lingard and Rachel Hoare, of Raw Energy, Mooloolaba, are happy to be working and able to receive penalty rates these holidays.

Penalty rates a real killjoy

CAFE and restaurant owners will be “lucky to break even” over the holidays, with staff to be paid penalty rates for seven days between Easter and Anzac Day.

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this story is pure propaganda, I work for a small club that pays correct penalty rates, I get $1.27ph late rate after 8pm Monday to Friday, $1.76ph late rate on Saturday + an extra $3 per hour, Sunday $1.76ph late rate + an Extra $5per hour, public...

marksid from Coolum Beach

MH370 is a disaster on many levels: academic

A UNIVERSITY of the Sunshine Coast public relations lecturer who has lived and worked in Malaysia has slammed the handling of the search for lost flight MH370.

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I do not think Dr Khattab likes the Malaysian Govt and is not going to have anything good to say whatever they do!

Progress from Tinbeerwah


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