Lincoln Kunst has a new lease on life

Lincoln Kunst is all smiles.
Lincoln Kunst is all smiles. Allan Reinikka

IN JANUARY Rockhampton's Lincoln Kunst couldn't even sit down without suffering excruciating pain.

At the begginging of the year The Bulletin wrote about how Lincoln struggled with simple daily tasks such as showering, and how he hadn't had a proper night's sleep in years due to extremely severe eczema.

Three months down the track and little Lincoln has a new lease on life.

Due to radical changes in his diet he is able to run, skip and jump like any four year-old should and Lincoln's father Troy couldn't be happier.

Troy explained how after spending two weeks in hospital, Rockhampton doctors sourced information from doctors in Melbourne who then advised him to have Lincoln allergy tested to determine whether it was certain foods that were causing his eczema.

"We had him allergy tested in Brisbane and found out he was allergic to wheat and lamb," Troy said.

"His diet is now all egg, wheat, and nut free."


Troy Kunst covers his son Lincoln with a soothing cream back in January, in an effort to stop the irritation of his severe eczema. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin
Troy Kunst covers his son Lincoln with a soothing cream back in January, in an effort to stop the irritation of his severe eczema. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin Chris Ison


Troy said once they had found the products and the right foods it was fairly easy to change Lincoln's diet and he began to improve dramatically.

"Most of the products we buy are from Coles," Troy said.

"He's not allowed fast food anymore it's all cooked meals and all non processed, organic food."

Due to Lincoln's severe eczema, bath time was often accompanied by pain and tears but as his skin improved Troy said his love for water began to shine through.

"He loves the water now," Troy said.

"When he has a bath we use hamilton oil and a bit of bleach in the water. Every second day he has a bleach bath and we put the hamilton oils in everyday, twice a day."

"After he's had his bath he has his cortisone cream put on and wet wraps and he sleeps in his wet wraps of a night time but of a day time he can just run around in normal clothes, now that he's got a lot better he doesn't scratch."

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