July 2015

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AFTER almost 15 years of planning and construction, golfers are finally able to tee off on Maleny’s new community golf course.

Mayor christens green at Maleny’s new golf course

"Why do you ben13 and stumped have to be so sarcastic. Try to be positive and you would have a better..."

June 2015

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LIVING Choice Australia has entered an agreement with Estia Health to build two new aged care facilities on the Sunshine Coast.

Aged care boost: Two new facilities, extra 216 beds coming

"That is already Noosa but without the nursing side."

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GEORGE Christensen has received widespread criticism after he asked if the public will support America's lead on the right to bear arms but has now apologised.

Federal MP apologises for linking gay rights and gun laws

"Please liquor do not suggest we should follow anything that America does. OK gay rights but NOT America..."

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THE group fighting an Islamic mosque in Maroochydore say they will continue to lobby councillors and MPs for change despite approval of the facility.

Rally set to protest mosque approval

"What restrictions are put on other churches? "

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THE Coast’s construction industry is building towards becoming one of the nation’s strongest after the region topped Queensland for housing approvals.

Coast builders jumping as housing approvals through the roof

"How many in Noosa, if any?"

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YOUR child has almost a 50-50 chance of failing Queensland’s tough new driving test – and you will pay up to $230 each time they re-sit the exam.

Tough new laws for learner drivers roll out Monday

"That is well said Bones. I had to wait until 24 and in the mean time live and work in places with..."

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CONTROVERSIAL plans for a mosque on the Sunshine Coast have been approved by the local council despite vocal concerns expressed by anti-Islam groups.

Maroochydore mosque approved by Coast council

"I do not support the changes that the Islamic religion appears to be making on this world but how many..."

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TED O’Brien has called on Clive Palmer to stop talking and take action for the Sunshine Coast.

What about the Coast, Clive? Ted O'Brien says Palmer is MIA

"Sitting listening to the childish rants in Parliament does no good. Just think what has Truss done..."

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