May 2016

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POLICE released a warning to drivers to always be aware when on the roads after a dangerous driving incident in Cooroy.

Dangerous driver damages three cars, injures two

"What did the Magistrate say?"

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A NAMBOUR hospital employee is recovering from a “massive, random” coward’s punch to the face when walking to work on Friday morning.

Hospital employee coward punched after saying ‘good morning’

"Hope the paper will publish what the courts say so that we can see if they a real in stopping these..."

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MAGISTRATE slams boyfriend’s ugly assault on his lover as “thuggery, a disgusting and cowardly attack”.

Lover kicks young mother six times, spits on her

"If these slap on wrist sentences are going to continue we may as well forget all the recent attempts..."

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A BEREAVED Kiwi mum is suing Vladimir Putin over the death of her husband when flight MH17 was shot down from the sky over Ukraine.

Wife of MH17 victim among families suing Vladimir Putin

"Sorry for the loss but your lawyers are the only ones to get publicity and make money. You are wasting..."

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IN an interview with E! News, Bindi Irwin has gushed about her boyfriend Chandler Powell and mum Terri said Steve would be "very happy" about the pair.

Terri Irwin says Steve would be happy with Bindi's boyfriend

"What a lot of rubbish, the paper must me short of news. Saw no story of someone cutting their lawn..."

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Nato risks a nuclear war with Russia within a year if it does not increase its defence capabilities in the Baltic states, a retired general has warned.

Nato risks nuclear war with Russia within a year: general

"Sorry keithr if you looked up your atlas you would find these places the Americans want to put weapons..."

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