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"What a silly little man quibbling about this kind of questioning all of which were reasonable requests."

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"Business is business and there will be competition. Good idea this development. "

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"For goodness sake accept what you have been told and stop wasting time and money. Fighting the Masters..."

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"Delighted to see yamostly has same view as myself."

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"Just paid electrician $75 for under an hour!"

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"Do stop wasting your time EDV. You cannot go on changing boundaries to suit a few and you are not..."

A LOBBY group leader wanting to break away from the Sunshine Coast and join Noosa has accused her councillors of trying to stifle local debate on the issue.

EDV says ‘we will not be silenced’ in fight for boundary review

9 Dec 2014

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"Just accept you were wrong Playford. Your house first before rate increases. Also get on and fix poor..."

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