July 2016

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Renewable energy sources can’t provide the base loads required, writes Don Portors

LETTER: We need a climate change plan

"Agree with full article."

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"WE NEED to start appreciating what we stand to lose if we follow the road of division and hatred."

Don’t hate on Sonia Kruger for being honest

"Pauline Hansen is not a racist any more than others. She has just more courage to speak out than many..."

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A MUSLIM man was removed from an American Airlines flight after a attendant publicly announced his name, seat number and said she would be “watching” him.

Attendant warns Muslim passenger: 'I'll be watching you'

"You cannot win. If something had happened later the airline would have been blamed for NOT saying..."

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'I questioned a hospital porter why they didn’t wear security labelled uniforms. The answer was swift,' says this technician.

LETTER: Rules for safety

"Agree the attacks on all kinds of emergency person is dreadful. As I understand it is happening to..."

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Chevrons on the Bruce Highway are fading and this reader says every bit of driver education counts, is it asking too much of our government to repaint these?

LETTER: Too much to ask?

"I think a lot of people understood as they were in clear English and if they help so much the better."

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THE Call Home Visiting Doctor service has been suspended until demand for a Sunshine Coast-based mobile doctors service increases.

Coast home doctor service on hold until demand increases

"The idea of Home call is very good in the help it keeps the call out for ambulance and emergency..."

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For over two decades 75% of the population have wanted a right to die enshrined in legislation yet there is none.

LETTER: Right to die

"That is why I put them last."

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Oscar's death is a reminder that every dog owner has a responsibility to keep their pets secured.

OPINION: Dog owners must be responsible

"Very good article."

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AFTER more than 13 years of secrecy, US intelligence officials have released 28 classified pages from the congressional investigation into September 11

Classified documents from 9/11 investigation released

"I thought that Saudi Arabia and America were friends or does this show they are both tarred with the..."

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