May 2016

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CAPRICORNIA MP Michelle Landry says CQ is set for one of the biggest jobs and retail spending boosts in defence history following a historic deal signed.

WATCH: $1 billion upgrade for Shoalwater Bay training centre

"At least Singapore are friends, but please keep the Americans out."

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CLIVE Palmer argues the case for his Fairfax legacy on the basis not of big-ticket infrastructure wins, but success at turning back 2014 Abbott Government budge

OUR SAY: Let's not forget that Clive Palmer did some good

"He was crucified by the media."

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The ever-increasing gap between koala corridors on the Sunshine Coast through development and land clearing has had a devastating impact on koala numbers.

Sunshine Coast koala numbers continue to plummet

"Noosa council have allowed extensive tree clearing and a second house built in an area they stopped the..."

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THE company which owns Palmwoods-based Gourmet Garden has been bought by a US-based firm in a $150 million deal.

US giant pays $150m for hinterland herb business

"Good luck to the sellers, but a pity it has to go to an American mob. We should be getting rid of all..."

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April 2016

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STEVE Irwin's brother in law, the long-time general manager of Australia Zoo, has been 'marched off' the property after a reported falling out with Terri.

Terri Irwin 'sacks' Australia Zoo general manager

"Could not have put it better thunderbolt. I have said this for a long time."

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THE victim of a Sunshine Coast bashing has slammed the justice system after a judge released an offender who attacked three strangers.

Police fury as violent attacker released from jail

"This is another magistrate failure. They should be punished for failure to look after the public."

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THE bodies of four people, each from different walks of life, have been found on the Sunshine Coast in the last five weeks.

OPINION: Suicide statistics cannot be ignored

"How is more money going to help in a practical way?"

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University of the Sunshine Coast academics believe a combination of a Mediterranean diet and regular exercise can deliver greater fitness and health

So what's the best recipe for a healthy heart?

"Sounds good can we have one in Noosa area?"

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Coast residents are more likely to take their own lives or die of avoidable diseases caused by smoking, drinking and obesity than people in capital cities.

Stark statistics show Coast falling behind in health

"Seems to me that all the problems listed are self harm nothing to do with any government or in fact..."

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