16 months later, she realised how traumatic her birth was

Mother Amy Dawes with daughter Eliya
Mother Amy Dawes with daughter Eliya

A QUEENSLAND mum has been left devastated by lasting injuries caused during her birth, when she opted for a forceps delivery after her goal of a "natural birth" proved unattainable.

When it was time to deliver, she felt uncomfortable with the idea for the caesarean and the doctor delivered the baby with the forceps.

While baby Eliya, now 2, arrived safely, Amy Dawes, 32, suffered a third-degree perineal tear.

Fairfax reports it would be almost two years after the birth in New South Wales that Ms Dawes would understand the damage done.

"I was broken. I felt like an 80-year-old in a 35-year-old's body," she told Fairfax.

Her pelvic floor muscle had been torn from her pubic bone, and was told by doctors she had a bilateral levator avulsion causing a stage two bladder and bowel prolapse.

Ms Dawes said while she understood the risks of caesareans, she did not know the risk of forceps.

In New South Wales's major hospitals, figures from 2015 suggest less than 10% of births involve forceps.

In Queensland, forcep births have fallen consistently since 1988, and as of 2007 represented less than 5% of births in the private and public systems.

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