Shannon Taylor, Alita Cobb and Elle Goodall are taking on the Noosa Tri this weekend.
Shannon Taylor, Alita Cobb and Elle Goodall are taking on the Noosa Tri this weekend.

270kg lost: Noosa Tri trio inspire

THREE Sunshine Coast locals, who met on Instagram earlier this year, will take on this weekend’s Noosa Triathalon after losing 270 kilograms between them.

Shannon Taylor, Alita Cobb and Elle Goodall bonded through the weight loss community on Instagram after discovering that they shared similar experiences whereby they underwent weight loss surgery to combat serious health related issues.

Ironman ambassador Ms Goodall inspired Mr Taylor and Ms Cobb with her athleticism, and after the three met over a coffee in Mooloolaba earlier this year, it was decided that Ms Goodall would take on the role as mentor, coach and the third member of their Noosa Triathlon team.

Mr Taylor, who lost 92 kilograms post-surgery, said it was an intimidating prospect to consider entering into the Noosa triathlon.

“But having Elle, who is a four time Ironman, as our coach and mentor and team member, we knew we were in very experienced hands,” Mr Taylor said.

Entry into the Noosa Triathlon was decided upon so the trio had a fitness goal to work towards, and they hope to inspire others who are struggling with their weight and food addiction.

“We want to inspire others, so we are motivated to finish the Noosa Tri. If we can do it, anyone can. Anything is possible. The three of us are living proof,” Mr Taylor said.

Exercise was not something Mr Taylor or Ms Cobb had any passion for prior to the weight loss surgery.

“I love running now. Alita and I go to Parkruns, and we chase self-improvement goals all the time. I’ve come to realise how addictive running is,” Mr Taylor said.

The trio support each other in their training for the Noosa Triathlon by training in each other’s specialist legs for the event.

“I’ve been swimming in the Cotton Tree pool with Alita, and she runs with me three to four times a week. We enjoy the social side of things,” Mr Taylor said.

Ms Cobb hopes to complete the 1.5km swim in under 30 minutes.

“I want to inspire others to be the best they can be,” Ms Cobb said.

Ms Cobb said that by taking responsibility for her actions and the food she ate, she was able to turn her life around.

“I am a product of my lifestyle. I have changed my mindset and no longer think of it as exercise, I think of it as moving my body in ways that I love. Swimming is my all-time favourite,” Ms Cobb said.

Mr Taylor said a positive mindset, coupled with gastric sleeve surgery saved his life.

“I had high blood pressure, vitamin D deficiency, a fatty liver, depression, and I would hide away. The surgery allowed me to live life and combat my addiction to food,” Mr Taylor said.

The stigma around seeking surgery is something the trio wish to challenge through sharing their stories, with Mr Taylor describing the gastric sleeve as an important tool for those who cannot lose weight naturally through exercise.

“When you’re addicted to food, you regain the weight faster than you lose it, and you feel defeated and depressed. The gastric sleeve restricts what you can eat, and so I focus on just putting nutritious food in to fuel my body,” Mr Taylor said.

Mr Taylor said he hopes to educate people on how weight loss surgery can be used as an important tool to break the addiction to food.

The trio are proud of their hard work this year and are positive for a very successful weekend at the Noosa Triathlon.

“ … I love the person I have become,” Ms Cobb said on Instagram.

The weight loss journeys of Mr Taylor, Ms Cobb and Ms Goodall are on Instagram: @Shannons_story, @finding_lita_x, @elles_journey_to_good_health

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