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How a five-year-old saved his mum's life

BRAVE: Five-year-old Hutch Bevacqua talked to paramedics and saved his mum Natasha's life.
BRAVE: Five-year-old Hutch Bevacqua talked to paramedics and saved his mum Natasha's life. Patrick Woods

MANY would find it hard to believe that a five year old could have the capacity to save a life but that's what little Hutch of Pelican Waters did for his mum.

Natasha Bevacqua was hanging out the washing when she knew something wasn't right, only to go inside and deteriorate very quickly.

Ms Bevacqua had a severe anaphylactic shock, allergic to the second round of antibiotics she was taking to beat a pesky sore throat.

She was dialling triple 0 when she lost consciousness and that's when brave, Hutch stepped in to do what ultimately would save her life.

"Hutch got to the phone after calling mum many time's and said yes I'm here to the operator," Ms Bevacqua said.

"They said can you tell us what's happening and he said my mummy's gone to sleep and she's not talking to me and she needs a drink of water."

During what would be a particularly traumatic time for anyone, the little hero remained calm answering each of the operator's questions and even reiterating their address to ensure paramedics could get there with ease.

Hutch ran next door to get his neighbour before waiting outside to flag the ambulance down and take them into his mum.

Ms Bevacqua said she was very proud and forever grateful for the quick-thinking of little Hutch.

"I owe him my life," she said.

"I've always known he's going to take over the world one day."

Hutch's efforts were awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Queensland Ambulance Service and a special teddy bear that has slept by his side every night since.

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