WATCH IT: Senior Constable Shane Rinaldi on schoolzone patrol outside Kawana State High on Nicklin Way, Bokarina.
WATCH IT: Senior Constable Shane Rinaldi on schoolzone patrol outside Kawana State High on Nicklin Way, Bokarina. Patrick Woods

Is poor parking at schools behind speeding around children?

SCHOOL time traffic woes have revved up Sunshine Coast Daily readers.

Yesterday's front page exclusive story revealed what police considered the best and worst Coast school zones for driver behaviour.

Plain-clothes officers plan to ramp up the covert Operation Jump Street for the final week of school before the holidays.

There will be surveillance on 43 schools across the Coast, video recording parents parking illegally, using a mobile phone while driving or not securing seatbelts, as evidence for on the spot fines.

So far this year, more than 300 fines have been imposed.

The story was one of the top reads on The Daily website and Facebook page.

While Mooloolaba State, Coolum State, Nambour State High, Palmwoods State and Kuluin State schools were highlighted as the worst on the Coast for driver behaviour, readers said many more schools slipped under the radar.

Other schools discussed online were Brightwater, Mountain Creek State School and Chevallum State School.

Teeghan Hicks said some schools were being ignored completely as problem spots.

"There are zones all around Sunshine Coast Grammar, but yet the school backs on to Gardenia Place and there are no 40km signs anywhere," Ms Hicks said.

"The zone needs to start on that road because just before on Parsons Rd it is 80kmh and you have people speeding right through to the school.

"I've seen lots of kids riding their bikes and leaving the school from that back way and I've seen so many near misses."

A common gripe on The Daily's Facebook page was parking around schools.

"If schools had adequate, well-run and supervised pick-up zones, then parents would not be rushing around trying to find a car park, even when you arrive early," Francine McNabb said.

"Introduce better drop and run zones. Lots of parents I think would use this if it was made with easy access, limiting the need for parks that are always limited around schools across the country, not just Queensland or Sunny Coast," Anna Millar said.

Mike Kesby lives close to Mooloolaba State School and said children often rode their pushbikes down the middle of the street because parents' cars were parked on both sides of the road, reducing it to a single lane.

"I'm not looking forward to the day I see a kid scraped up off the road," Mr Kesby wrote.

Online poll

Should parents be better behaved while driving around school zones?

  • 41% Yes, they're putting kids at risk
  • 2% No, I think there's enough pressure on parents at school pick-up/drop-off time
  • 21% It's all drivers not just parents
  • 29% I think police are doing the right thing here. Something needs to be done
  • 7% I think the police are making a fuss over nothing

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