‘FOOLISH DREAM’: The proposed Energy Park at Valdora.
‘FOOLISH DREAM’: The proposed Energy Park at Valdora. Contributed

LETTER OF THE DAY: Ratepayers to fall in solar farm trap

READER COMMENT: SURELY it is time that our Sunshine Coast councillors took the time to report to the stakeholders, being the ratepayers, about the finances involved in their proposed solar farm.

The good work of Bill Hoffman has exposed inept, if not highly suspicious, real estate transactions and yet the big outlay is still to come.

The Federal Government is abolishing the renewable energy target.

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Residents angry at solarfarm silence

Those investors that have put money in to this industry are now claiming that this change in government policy will devastate the Australian renewable energy sector, send hundreds of companies to the wall and tens of thousands of hard-working Australians on to the employment scrapheap.

I ask the councillors what will happen to the ratepayers?

Will we as a direct result of a foolish dream be asked to pay more rates to cover the shortfall?

Remember the council probably will need to spend $30,000,000 or $40,000,000 more to make this doomed project a reality.

We are overdue for answers as, remember, we are the financiers and the stakeholders.



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