Senator Day set to bring back racial discrimination changes

A CROSSBENCH Senator has flagged he will bring back the Abbott Government's changes to racial discrimination laws, after Prime Minister Tony Abbott walked away from them last week.

Senator Bob Day told the ABC he was considering bringing a private members' bill to parliament when it next sits to reinstate the now-abandoned changes.

Mr Abbott last week took the controversial changes off the government's agenda, despite an election promise to deliver them, after a widespread community backlash.

The changes were criticised for opening up Australians to more open racial abuse if passed, as part of redefining a key part of the act created to protect people from racist attacks.

The government originally put the proposals in its election platform after conservative columnist Andrew Bolt was taken to court over one of his columns.

Attorney-General George Brandis was a key advocate of the changes, on the grounds the reforms promoted free speech, before Mr Abbott put an end to them last week.

Sen Day said he wanted to bring them back because someone needed to defend free speech, saying he believed several Coalition MPs and senators supported the changes.

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