State Government to outsource IT, cutting 5000 jobs

THE Queensland Government will outsource its information and communication technology services in a major departmental overhaul that has sparked fears for 5000 jobs.

Information Technology Minister Ian Walker on Friday tabled in State Parliament a $5.2 million audit of the government's ICT sector and confirmed he had accepted almost all of the report's 60 recommendations.

Among them include shifting to a cloud based email system to save $17 million and cancelling fixed-line and mobile phone services to save up to $9 million.

The government has also accepted recommendations to move away from using a travel management system to save $9 million and shifting all services online to save up to $20 million.

Shadow ICT Minister Tim Mulherin said ICT services' 5000 staff were now in Campbell Newman's cross hairs.

"Campbell Newman's answer to everything seems to be to sack thousands of workers," Mr Mulherin said.

"In a week where he's added $600 to household bills and massively hiked taxes, now it seems he's going to sack more workers.

"The Government should immediately move to provide certainty to these workers."

Fairfax Media reported Mr Walker could not give an approximate figure of the 5000 IT jobs that would remain.

"We are going to have to make a business decision on a case by case basis on how we move to IT as a service," he said.