NEW IDEAS: Noosa architect John Mainwaring has fresh ideas for Noosa Junction remake.
NEW IDEAS: Noosa architect John Mainwaring has fresh ideas for Noosa Junction remake. Peter Gardiner

A Junction vision for town square

ONE of Noosa's most influential architects wants to see the old Noosa Heads bowls site and surrounding precinct redeveloped in part as a Noosa village square.

And John Mainwaring, who has had input into Wallace Park plan, Noosa Junction plan, Hastings St refurbishment and Viridian Peppers village master plan, warns this may be the last chance to secure a built community hub.

Already the Noosa Council has rejected a proposal by owners Coles which had included a liquor barn.

Mr Mainwaring said the Coles proposal "lacked potential community place-making” but this area could be A "real focal point for Noosa Heads”.

"As with any urban design ideas there are always possibilities, synergies opportunities and conflicts. This is the last opportunity to create a Noosa village square,” he said.

"Cities and towns throughout Australia such as Ipswich are prioritising the development of such urban open spaces within their central business districts.”

He said this square could be become a "people's place” used by various groups and for special celebrations and be part of a north to south cycle link to the Junction. This would help give a connectedness to Pinaroo Park. The precinct could also be home to a college student or satellite university space while the "re-cycling the old bowls club has potential for night entertainment facilities sadly lacking in the area”.

"The bowling greens could contain a 'state of the art' wellbeing, sports health and medical centre, with the architecture being a focal point”.

Mr Mainwaring also backs the Noosa Council's previous push for "affordable” housing to be developed and administered under a suitable model.

He said this idea of shop-houses would further add to the mixed-use diversity of Noosa Junction.

"Noosa Fair court could be developed as a subtropical indoor/outdoor food court as a destination linking with the village square and gateway to Coles and other shops.”