A no noise promise to residents

A COOTHARABA property which for the past five years was home to a metal fabrication business now has to convince Noosa Council it is not a noise nuisance.

Allstar Metal Fabrication have been operating in a rural zone property at Boronia Rd, but have just sought proper planning approval after being sent a non-compliance notice by the council.

The application is now open for public submissions before a report and recommendation will be presented to councillors. According to the application Allstar "have been operating at the same size and scale (for five years) with no intention of expanding the business on the site".

The proposal is to make purpose-built trailers on site from 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays. The business employs six staff, including the resident owner of the business and "customers do not regularly attend the site, with advertising online and by word of mouth".

"The proposed use is located, designed and will be managed so as to avoid significant adverse impacts on the amenity enjoyed by users of other premises, including acoustic and visual qualities," the application said.

A consultant's report maintains Allstar complies with the decibel criteria at the closest to the fabrication building and "no further noise control measures" are required. Allstar aims to "not interfere with the amenity of the neighbourhood from the operation of machinery or electrical equipment or from noise”.

The application details can be found at the council's planning tracker by searching MCU17/0546. Submissions can be made until February 1.

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