A pro football career beckons

YOUNG TALNET: Emilio Martinez is on his   way to a successful soccer career.
YOUNG TALNET: Emilio Martinez is on his way to a successful soccer career. Jamaica Lipson

FOR YOUNG Emilio Martinez, football started as a hobby.

Now his hobby has taken him to England and landed him a scholarship with the Sydney Wanderers.

"I just started it as a kid,” Emilio said.

"My parents put me into soccer because that's their South American background.

"I'm very close to my cultural roots.”

For Emilio, Noosa is like his second home.

His parents recently moved to Noosa.

"My parents and my family have been coming here (to Noosa) for years,” he said.

"It's an amazing place to get away to.”

For Emilio, playing in his home city of Sydney is like a dream come true.

"What they've given me so far and where I am is definitely closer to my dreams,” Emilio said.

He first started playing when he was just six years old and from the age of eight he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

For Emilio, football is always on his mind.

His professional career started after he was selected to form part of the 'Nike most wanted', a competition that finds the best unsigned talent in the world.

At 16 he tried out the Australian competition in Melbourne where he won.

He then competed in the global trials where he also won and then spent a year training in England.

"After being in England for a year and training there it made me the player I am today,” Emilio said.

"I really like to spend time with my family and friends. I'm a very simple person, I'm not a party person.”

In his spare time he likes to read and get down to the beach.

For him Noosa is a holiday every day of the year.

Being part of the Sydney Wanderers team is like a dream come true for Emilio who has some big dreams.

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