Alleged torturer loses bid for freedom on eve of trial

A ROCKHAMPTON man who has been behind bars for nearly two years for alleged torture offences has had his bid for freedom rejected on the eve of his trial.

Gregory Ronald Roginson was arrested and charged with one count of torture and assault causing bodily harm while armed.

The Rockhampton District Court heard another man allegedly supplied methylamphetamine to a female associate who became ill after taking it.

Mr Roginson, along with two other co-accused, allegedly confronted the man who supplied the woman with the drugs on October 4, 2011, in his North Rockhampton home.

The three drove the man to a secluded spot under the pretence of purchasing more drugs.

The man was unaware all three were armed.

They drove him to a carpark, ordered the man to lie down and allegedly bashed him with a baseball bat and handgun before fleeing.

Mr Roginson was arrested on October, 11, 2011, in relation to the incident.

He was further charged with two break and enter offences at Alton Downs where two handguns were stolen, one of which has never been recovered.

Defence barrister Jeffery Clarke said his client, if granted bail, would adhere to strict reporting conditions as well as other stringent conditions.

He also said his client would be prepared to live with his ex-partner in Oakey until his trial which is scheduled to commence later this month.

However, Judge Smith said he was not prepared to release Mr Roginson on bail given his previous criminal history, nature of the current alleged offence and the strength of the case against him.

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