CHOMP: Pet Barn manager Ash Toombes has sharks for sale.
CHOMP: Pet Barn manager Ash Toombes has sharks for sale. John Mccutcheon

Sink your teeth into some pet projects!

THEY are quiet, do not shed hair, are cheap to feed, and do not need exercise.

Meet your possibly perfect pet - a shark.

But do not rush out and build an oceanarium for a great white in your lounge room just yet

The sharks we're talking about here are freshwater sharks which fit into an average household fish tank.

Chief Brody (out of the film Jaws) probably would have preferred a dog but silver, gold, red-tailed and rainbow sharks are the pets to impress, according to Petbarn.

Petbarn Caloundra manager Ashley Toombes said the fish were similar to their bigger, ocean-going cousins.

"They look like the sharks but they're freshwater," he said.

Mr Toombes said the freshwater pets grew from six to 50cm and were "pleasant" and "nice looking".

The Discovery Channel's Shark Week, an annual week of shark programs, begins this Sunday.


The largest shark is a whale shark, which grows to an average of 9.7m but has been reported as long as 14m

The 1.1m dumb gulper shark, also known as Harrison's dogfish or Harrison's deep sea dogfish, is one of the most endangered shark species. It is found along Australia's east coast and in spots north and west of New Zealand.

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