Ads warn Aussies about consequences of uni funding cuts

UNIVERSITIES Australia has launched an advertising blitz in regional Australia railing against $2.8 billion in cuts to tertiary education and support measures.

The ads, which are part of Universities Australia's $5 million Smartest Investment Campaign which started in February, will appear in newspapers at 80 regional locations.

UA chief executive Belinda Robinson said regional areas had been chosen because of their local university presence.

Ms Robinson said the aim of the ads was to inform residents of the potential consequences to regional economies of the university sector cuts contained in the May budget.

"The local ad blitz reflects the fact that universities are vital to every facet of the Australian economy, whether in the cities, the suburbs or rural and regional towns," Ms Robinson said.

"In the regions alone, universities employ over 10,000 Australians, educate over 100,000 students and contribute around $2 billion a year to local economies."

Ms Robinson said UA would continue railing against the proposed cuts until they were actually enshrined in law.

The Federal Government announced cuts to the sector totalling $2.8 billion - including changes to self education expenses saving it $500 million - ahead of the budget, saying it was necessary to help fund the Gonski education reforms.

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