OPINION: Water on Mars puts stars back in our eyes

ONE of my strongest memories from my pre-school years was watching the Apollo 11 moon mission.

As a three-year-old in 1969 I was fascinated by the whole adventure and can remember sitting watching the grainy black-and-white television coverage.

Yesterday's confirmation there is flowing water on Mars may well begin another chapter of the space age.

Man's sense of adventure beyond our world waned as soon as men landed on the Moon and found there was little more to it than rocks and dust.

That discovery, along with tightening budgets in the United States, put an end to any thoughts of venturing beyond the Moon to Mars.

But now, nearly half a century on, talk of a Mars mission has started again.

Certainly there will be the all the same problems of cost and the length of the journey, but mankind seems to be turning its eyes back to the heavens and wondering 'what if...'.

Just someone please confirm for me this isn't all some elaborate publicity stunt for the new Matt Damon movie, The Martian.

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