CONTROVERSIAL WORK: An artist’s impression of the streetscaping planned for outside the Alex Surf Lifesaving Club.
CONTROVERSIAL WORK: An artist’s impression of the streetscaping planned for outside the Alex Surf Lifesaving Club. Contributed

Alex street beauty plan divides neighbourhood

BUSINESS owners, residents and the Alexandra Headland Community Association are divided over beautification works to Alexandra Pde and Mari St, due to start next month and run until November

The extent of the works, the timing and the type of improvements are at the heart of the dispute.

Francis Bean Coffee Shop owner Mitch Elsworthy said he was concerned about the disruption to his business at the busy intersection of Mari St and Alexandra Pde.

"It's hard to say at this point whether it is a negative or positive," Mr Elsworthy said.

"The council said their goal was to minimise disruptions to businesses - but talk is cheap.

"But hopefully it plays out that way."

Despite Mr Elsworthy's concerns he said he had no complaints from a "safety perspective".

He said since his business opened three months ago, he had to "run the gauntlet" when leaving Mari St and heading south.

"From what I have heard from locals, they hate the idea of a set of traffic lights (at Mari St)," he said.

Divisional councillor Chris Thompson said the $3.5 million project would deliver significant improvements to pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety and accessibility as well as making the foreshore area a more attractive and enjoyable place to visit.

Electrical and stormwater improvements are part of the project.

Alex Surf Club general manager Ashley Robinson said he knew the construction side of the streetscape project would be "painful" for a short period, but the end result would be "fantastic for the area".

"If the pictures tell the story, the end result will be great," he said.

Alexandra Headland Community Association president Josie Ryan agreed that while she thought the end-result of the project also would be "fantastic", she was disappointed the project had been downsized.

"It feels like we are the last cab off the rank," she said.

"We continue to be passed by. However, the street scaping project and landscaping the beach have been improvements.

"We are appreciative to get what all the other beaches already have."

Zone One (South public car park - beach side)

Early April to early June

Early April to mid April - Construction of the car park extension to the southern end of the Alex SLSC linking it to the large southern car park and including kerb works, new asphalt (bitumen) and stormwater works.

Mid May to mid June - Landscaping works including footpath works, lighting, garden and planting.

Zone Two (North public car park - beach side)

Mid April to early July

Road construction of the northern extension to the car park, near the skate bowl. This work will provide a new entry to this car park at the new signalised Mari Street intersection.

Works including kerbing and stormwater works.

Landscaping works including footpath, lighting, garden and tree and shrub planting.

Zone Three (Mari Street intersection)

Late May to mid August

Road construction and kerb works to both corners of Mari Street entry (off Alexandra Parade). Stormwater upgrade works across Mari Street.

Landscaping works including new footpaths, seating walls, gardens, tree and shrub planting.

Installation of new traffic signals and associated electrical conduit works across Alexandra Parade and Mari Street.

Zone Four (West business side and bus stop)

Staggered works - July and late September to early November

July works - Construction of kerb realignment in preparation for improvements to the bus stop facility.

Late September to early November - Landscaping works including installation of new bus shelter and bus stop facility, footpath works, gardens, tree and shrub planting.

Zone Five (Alex SLSC frontage)

Early August to late October

Road work construction including kerb and stormwater works.

Energex electrical works including tunnel boring for underground cabling across Alexandra Parade.

Landscape works include major concrete road and footpath works, new bus shelter, seating walls, street furniture, lighting, gardens, tree and shrub planting.

Zone Six (Centre median strip, AlexandraParade)

Early August to late November

Construction of new kerbs and pedestrian crossing area.

Landscaping works including concrete works, gardens and shrub planting.

Installation of new signalised pedestrian crossing.

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