All that old stuff has me hooked

I AM a self-confessed Nanna.

Ask me what my definition of heaven is and I will promptly tell you wearing my slippers while having a pot of tea and sharing a lamington with my shih tzus.

Oh! My! Hat! Good times! I have long been teased by my work buddies for my blue rinse habits.

Well, I now have proof that Nanna activities are cool!

Lisa Curry just about broke the internet this week when she posted a picture of her snuggling into a crochet rug. Not just any old crochet rug.

Our Golden Girl has taken up the cosy craft of crocheting as she travels around the country in her caravan.

A coup indeed for us crochet/knitting/scrapbooking closet dwellers.

Now perhaps we can come out loud and proud armed with our crochet hooks.

Lisa's lovely blanket is bound for Paris as Lisa's daughter dances in the Moulin Rouge.

Morgan will need to use the rug to warm up given those skimpy costumes of feathers, glitter and those strange things they wear instead of bras.

But the blanket bragging made me feel a little smug that such an over-achieving super mum is also into Nanna stuff.

I thought Lisa would spend her spare time drinking processed celery and doing bicep curls with that young hottie she dates.

Silly me. Lisa is just like us. Except for her washboard stomach.

My spongy stomach and I have long loved a dirty scrapbook session on a Sunday and my favourite dish to cook is apricot chicken.

I would rather soak up soul comfort food over a modern day organic-kale-salad.

And do not get me started on my collection of vases.

Another Nanna confession I am willing to make? I love talcum powder.

Look, I am clearly on a roll with my confessions. I also love port, gin and a shandy. Shortbread rocks my world. Scones are a family favourite. One day I would like to grow roses .

I may be a modern-day girl who still uses her maiden name despite being married for four years, but some of the old-fashioned things really are nice in life.

Who is with me? Perhaps we all need to invest in a caravan and we can follow Lisa in a convoy around Australia as we tour the country pulling into little towns to hold happy craft hours as we sip our glass of sherry at sunset every day. Sounds good to me.

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