An Amber Alert was issued for missing boy Chase Walker-Steven, who was found in Newcastle.
An Amber Alert was issued for missing boy Chase Walker-Steven, who was found in Newcastle. Supplied

Boy was allegedly taken from hospital by anti-vaxxer mum

THE woman who took her severely disabled boy from a Brisbane hospital, which led to a frantic search across two states, has taken to Facebook to update her supporters and warns that the "truth is going to come out".

Cini Walker was located by NSW police in Newcastle Friday afternoon, with four-year-old Chase Walker-Steven and his father Marc Steven located not long after.

The parents had taken their son from Brisbane's Lady Cilento Children's Hospital on Thursday, leading police to issue an Amber Alert.

The couple claim their four-year-old requires medicinal marijuana products which were not being provided to him in hospital. The two aren't likely to face police charges.

Cradling her son Chase, Ms Walker broadcasted a live update to her Facebook page just after 9pm Friday from John Hunter Hospital in NSW.

"Thanks everyone for the support, Chase is doing fine," she said.

"You look at the camera Chase and tell the world how you feel mate, you tell 'em I'm alert, I'm awake and I'm better than I've ever been."

During the broadcast Ms Walker said she would be discussing the incident in an upcoming video.

"We're going to talk about what's going on, if they like it or not, because guess what, I've had enough ... it's not okay," she said.

"We're just waiting for the doctor to come back so clearly there are no charges being laid, for what? Taking my kid out of an appointment? That I made?

"Truth is going to come out and everyone's not going to be happy. It's not nice to harass families, especially ones that are trying to heal their children and bring them love and joy in the world."

She posted another video later Friday night saying Chase had been released from hospital in NSW and they were on their way home.

EARLIER: Parents unlikely to face charges

THE parents of a severely disabled boy who took him from a Brisbane hospital are unlikely to be charged despite a frantic search that spanned two states.

Queensland Police confirmed Friday afternoon that the boy, Chase Walker-Steven, was found in Newcastle in NSW.

The mother, Cini Walker, was located by officers in Newcastle earlier this afternoon.

A concerned resident contacted police after seeing the Amber Alert issued earlier today.

"The mother gave police information as to where the son and the father may be," Detective Acting Inspector Grant Ralston said.

"Contact was made with the father and he returned with the boy to where police were with the mother in NSW."

Jacinda Walker and Marc Steven with son Chase Walker-Steven.
Jacinda Walker and Marc Steven with son Chase Walker-Steven. Supplied

Chase has since been taken to John Hunter Hospital in northern Newcastle.

In a tearful video posted to her Facebook page in January, Ms Walker broke down about the distressing situation.

"My son is ... Do I even own him anymore? Who's going to help our family?" she cried.

"When is this nightmare going to stop?" See the an edit of the video above.

The parents are well-known anti-vaxxers whose son has a serious medical condition.

The couple claim their four-year-old requires medicinal marijuana products which were not being provided to him in hospital.

Cini has a significant social media following and has detailed Chase's suffering on a website and via Facebook videos earlier this year which have garnered more than 2700 likes and 4500 shares.

"To this day Chase has been diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy (with no brain damage on his MRI) and uncontrolled epilepsy with the doctors saying that Chase has an epileptic gene that they cannot find," she wrote on a website called Church of Ubuntu.

"Chase has up to 100 seizures a day 80% of those things is happening inside his brain not visible 10 tonic clonic seizures and several jerking seizures throughout the day."

Cini is an advocate of the Church of Ubuntu. It's mantra is "The Earth, therefore I am".

"We are a Church and wellness community that focuses on total health and diet, using natural plant based alternative healing methods," Church of Ubuntu's website reads.

Police said they were yet to determine why Chase's parents took him from Lady Cilento Children's Hospital just after midday on Thursday.

Ms Walker's posts also indicate she also feared hospital food would kill him. She had also previously warned she would walk out of hospital with Chase if they refused to give him medical marijuana.

Insp Galston said Chase was found safe and would remain in the care of his parents for the time being.

He said Ms Walker and Chase's father Marc Alexander Steven, 28, were co-operating with police but he did not think they would be charged.

"At this stage, no," he said. "We were primarily concerned with the welfare of the child."

Ms Walker posted on Facebook one day before Chase's disappearance that they stopped vaccinating him at age two because it gave him seizures. She also alleged the vaccination caused him to develop "spastic, quadriplegic cerebral palsy and undiagnosed, uncontrolled epilepsy".

Ms Walker complained in January about her son being hospitalised.

"They still think that they have the right to feed my son this formula synthetic s***," she said.

"They're going to kill my kid with food and they don't care." Ms Walker said her son's health improved after he went off medication, started eating organic food and took medicinal marijuana.

"He's happy, he's stopped seizuring (sic), he's coming back and still it's not good enough," she said.

Ms Walker said she would take him to hospital but would insist he be given medicinal marijuana to keep him alive.

"I will be doing this and if they choose not to do it ... I'll walk out of that hospital," she said.

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