'Angel' blankets family from crash

Emily and Sean Naus with their children Ivy and Elijah.
Emily and Sean Naus with their children Ivy and Elijah. Warren Lynam

THE family who narrowly escaped death after a car plunged through their Maroochydore shop window are sharing their story of how an "angel" protected them.

And Sean and Emily Naus's personal tale of being rescued by something that felt "so soft" has gone viral on social media, attracting nearly 200,000 hits.

The YouTube clip includes camera surveillance of the moment of impact.

It shows Mrs Naus holding her four-week-old daughter, Ivy, before a wall housing skateboards crashes down where she is standing.

In what many have called a miracle, Mrs Naus is seen emerging unscathed seconds later.

Ivy, who from the surveillance should have felt the full force of the crash, only had shards of glass on her head.

She was still sleeping as her dad fearfully checked her condition, expecting her to be dead.

Mr Naus told the Daily how he had no doubt "God intervened" to save their lives.

They were at their coffee shop, Kai Coffee, at the Boardstore in Aerodrome Rd with their children on May 29.

They were enjoying a chat when an out-of-control Toyota Prado crashed through the front wall.

Mrs Naus said she heard a loud "bang" and saw the car coming towards her. She grabbed two-year-old Elijah and then felt the wall collapse.

"I felt my whole body get slapped by something," she said.

"Then all of a sudden, I felt something so soft, lift this wall off me. I know it was an angel, without a doubt.

"It was like this soft blanket."

They have been amazed at the global interest, with thousands visiting YouTube to watch the clip. 

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