CLOSED: Tommy Painter (right) closed his shop after nearly a decade.
CLOSED: Tommy Painter (right) closed his shop after nearly a decade. Caitlin Zerafa

Another one bites the dust in Noosa

AND just like that, another business in Noosa Junction has closed its doors.

The Vault Jewellers in the Noosa Junction Plaza shut up shop on Thursday after nine years, and owner Tommy Painter said he is sad to go.

"Once upon a time you would have a shop and retire with it,” Mr Painter said.

"You'd think by now we'd be staying but my lease came up. I just decided with the economy the way it is and what's happening around here it wasn't a good time to renew.

"I asked if I could stay on month to month up to Christmas, they said no.”

Mr Painter emphasised his closure did not have to do with high rent prices.

"The only thing I don't have that others have is the rent, I've got to say that, my rent is very reasonable,” he said.

"I'm probably the only person that is going to say that.”

While other businesses in the Noosa Junction Plaza have closed including the bakery, a hairdresser and a corner shop that remained vacant for a number of years until recently, Mr Painter said renovations will only worsen the situation.

"They are planning to do a lot of renovations here, they are putting in a moving floor, I totally see that as a waste of a million dollars and don't see any advantage at all,” he said.

"Not sure when it's going to happen, I'm pretty sure when they do it they wont care if it's over Christmas.

"There is starting to be an issue here, they have had three owners in the time I have been here.”

Supply versus demand is also an problem for many businesses, and Mr Painter believes other closures across the region has population to blame.

"You've got a base figure of 10-12,000 people living here, they can shop at the Civic, Hastings Street, Noosa Village, Noosa River, and the Junction and there is Sunshine Beach and there was Sunrise.”

"This gives you about 2,000 people per centre.”

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