Anti-fluoride letter devoid of any facts

What does she know that they have not considered?

I ask her to show mortality and morbidity figures that show the southern states are demonstrating health problems after 40-plus years of fluoridation that Queensland isn't.

In fact Queensland's figures in such surveys usually show an unhealthy trend.

At the same time the DMF surveys (decayed, missing and filled teeth) show Queensland to be the worse state for dental health. This costs individuals and the tax payer a fortune in easily avoidable dental treatment not to mention the unpleasantness of the treatment required.

I was a dentist in South Australia with fluoride and then Queensland without. The difference in the two populations dental conditions was not just a bit but a gulf.

If Ms Dekker had to perform multiple dental treatments on an infant and then charge their parents hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars she may have a different attitude.



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