Can you touch your toes?

Improve your range of movement with a variety of stretches.
Improve your range of movement with a variety of stretches. Eliza Snow

STRETCHING is incredibly important to maintain a natural range of movement, decrease the likelihood of injury and maintain good health.

It is important to be warm when you stretch and drink water afterwards.

Below are some stretches that will help you have a stress and strain-free life.

Chest - Place an elbow against a wall at shoulder height and step slightly forward with the same leg. You should feel a stretch across that side of the chest.

Quads - Wrap a towel around your ankle and using the hand on the same side lift your foot behind to feel a stretch down the front of your thigh.

Calves - Place the ball of one foot up on the wall with the heel on the ground. Move your hips forward to create a stretch below the knee.

Hamstrings - Sitting on a chair, extend one leg out in front and lean forward, must keep a straight back and tilt your bum out the back.

Glutes - Sitting on a chair, slightly straighten one leg then cross your other ankle over the straight leg's upper shin. Lean forward towards the bent leg's knee while sticking your bum out the back.


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