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LETTER OF THE DAY: Automation’s putting us out of our jobs

LETTER OF THE DAY: ABOUT "Telstra hangs up on Aussie workers" (Sunshine Coast Sunday, August 24) - your editorial states that Telstra has just posted "a $4.3 billion full-year profit" while sending "671 call centre jobs to Asia in June".

About 2500 jobs were shed in the past two years and about 5000 more will go sometime soon.

Why? Because automation will render them all redundant.

Australia's entire auto design and manufacturing industry (which is more than 100 years old) is closing down, with the "collateral damage" to others following.

Will we be short of telephone or auto services? Of course not.

Most will be replaced by technology, machines, "overseas" manufacturers, or robots.

A hypothetical question: when more than 90% of the jobs are no longer required and robots/machines deliver the abundance of goods and services we have become accustomed to, how do we "earn" the money to pay for them?

Or do we exist in poverty amid this plenty?

I believe this is no longer a hypothetical question.

The answer was given in the 1920s by CH Douglas, an engineer. But he was "rubbished" into silence.

Australia's Constitution (Section 51, Clause xiii) provides for it.

But Australians don't know it, because they haven't read it.



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