Rumours banks to foreclose on drought stricken farms

BEYOND the parched conditions in much of western Queensland, farmers are now dealing with loose lips as rumours circulate banks planning property foreclosures.

During committee hearings on the state of current drought arrangements at Parliament on Wednesday, Agriculture Minister John McVeigh said it was frustrating to hear of the "myths and stories" being spread.

Member for Gregory Vaughn Johnson - whose electorate includes Emerald in central-west Queensland - said the rumours were "further compounding and aggravating the situation".

Mr McVeigh said he has already put questions to banks after hearing murmurs from drought-hit communities but it was hard to parse the fact from fiction.

"A lot of it is myth - some of it is true," he said.

"As politicians, we're often frustrated by trying to sort out the myth and local commentary.

"I encourage any member who has specific details about a specific issue to talk about it wherever possible."

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