Property developer Geoff Baldwin cruises through his work week at his Hastings St pop up office overlooking Laguna Bay.
Property developer Geoff Baldwin cruises through his work week at his Hastings St pop up office overlooking Laguna Bay.

BEACH OFFICE: Workers beat cabin fever blues

Property developer Geoff Baldwin's board meeting tomorrow will be like no other as he dresses down and "drinks" in the luxurious beachfront view of Laguna Bay.

Mr Baldwin has this week treated his commercial cabin fever with a healthy dose of Noosa, courtesy of discounted midweek rates at the Fairshore Apartments in Hastings St.

He'll ditch the corporate uniform and use technology to talk to his fellow SmartCap board members most likely in his board shorts.

Mr Baldwin is one of an increasing number of COVID-19 impacted workers and business types beating the pandemic blues with a break at the beach while still working.

"We've decided to get out of Brisbane and have a break and Noosa's prices at the moment during the week are good with a lovely view out over the bay," Mr Baldwin said.

"So we've decided to have a week here, the weekends are near impossible to get accommodation at the moment on Hastings St.

This is the place to do business in a relaxed mode.
This is the place to do business in a relaxed mode.

"This Thursday there's a board meeting on with SmartCap and during that board meeting I will be in my unit at Noosa."

Mr Baldwin said SmartCap used a wearable safety technology that measured human fatigue in drivers and machine operators.

He said it was used by firms like BHP and Rio Tinto

But the only place he was likely to nod off was on Main Beach after a walk, leisurely lunch, then a swim.

While Mr Baldwin did not disclose what he and his wife were paying for their timely escape, one Fairshore second floor apartments deal going at the moment is for two bedroom, two night stays of $1149.

The couples in their 60s are Noosa regulars, but this is Mr Baldwin's first oceanfront office stay.

"It's actually a good thing to do right now," he said.

"The advantages are that it's a good break out from the normal lifestyle at home, something a little bit different.

"We've got the opportunity to go for nice walks here and do the things we normally wouldn't do at home."

He said a forecast of beautiful weather for the week was the clincher.

"It's a damn nice place to live, truly it is, it's just so expensive," he said.

What and office view.
What and office view.

Today they had a later start, had breakfast at Aroma's, then some business, and then on to lunch at Rickys River Bar.

"I'll actually come home and do work for a few hours and then we'll go for a walk probably down to the river and some time on the beach," he said.

"Depending on what I've got left to do, I might do a little bit more into the night, but you wouldn't exactly say you're overloaded."

Mr Baldwin said he felt for the state tourist operators.

"The trouble is the tourism sector is highly affected in Queensland as soon as the border closes," he said.

"That's not just here, we're going to the Whitsundays shortly and they are desperate up there for people."

Property manager Accom Noosa's Abbey Feutrill said there had been an upswing in interest from people combining holidays and work in the era of COVID-19 restrictions.

"With an increase in the number of people now working from home, people have realised they can work from anywhere, and Noosa is a very attractive option,'' she said.

"There has been a surge in midweek bookings from people working remotely from Noosa, many enjoying office views of the beach.

"In many cases they are bringing the family who are happily entertained with the endless beautiful beaches to enjoy, adventures to be had and nature to explore."

Accom Noosa has about 130 properties under management with high demand for absolute beachfront accommodation, like La Mer on Hastings Street from $1275 a night.

"Noosa's Main Beach and Hastings St are the magnets, understandably so,'' she said.

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