Ashley Robinson at Alexandra Headland Surf Club.  Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily
Ashley Robinson at Alexandra Headland Surf Club. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily John McCutcheon

Beautiful scenes at junior surf carnival

TWO really good surf carnivals last weekend with a great junior event at Maroochydore where the host club flexed its muscle in tricky conditions.

One of the highlights for me was watching the Under-11 girls go around with various clubs, having first timers competing in the ironwoman event.

Seeing the kids just finish and being overjoyed, no matter where they came, with supporters and family saying "You are now an ironwoman,” warmed the heart.

Another, was the strong showing of Sunshine Beach, which all made sense when I was told that former ironwoman champion Kerri Thomas is doing some junior coaching and development at the club. That is great news for all involved.

In her day she was a massive star of the sport and also has the unique ability to pass on her character and skill to those she coaches.

On Sunday there was plenty of highlights at Mooloolaba for the craft carnival, but four things stood out for me.

Watching Darren 'Boxhead' Naylor compete for the first time with young son Mac in the Open Double Ski was awesome to see the look on their faces as they hit the line neck and neck with Mooloolaba's Billy Baine and his team mate.

The second highlight was Alex's Shane Baird in the Masters Single Ski and his titanic struggle with about three other paddlers - who were all that focused, they completely missed the finishing flags. That meant fifth, sixth and seventh got the chocolates.

The stand out though, was Noosa's Julie Fidler, who could be in her 60s, but competed in every event which is a pretty good effort. I got tired just watching her!

Last week I wrote the following remarkable effort by a local lifeguard; "What about the local lifeguard that accidentally took his mates car keys and went to the other end of the Coast then got a call from old mate to bring his keys back, so he drove back but forgot the keys?”

"It gets better, but I am too embarrassed to repeat it, and his name will remain anonymous for the same reason but we do have something in common as well as bad memories.”

Sorry to repeat it but I must, because last weekend the same guy was in a stand up paddle race over 15 kilometres at the Gold Coast and went okay, but said he felt a bit flat during the race.

When he got back to the Sunshine Coast he took his paddleboard off the roof and there was his problem.

There was a screwdriver stuck in the bottom where he had adjusted his fin box.

I know this is hard to believe, but the bloke forgot to take it out of after he adjusted it, paddled the entire race, finished, put the board on the car and drove up the highway and only noticed it when he went take the board off the roof of the car.

Hard to believe I know, but he certainly has form. I wonder what will happen next week?

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