Beck calm about alliance criticisms over Noosa breakaway

NOOSA Chamber of Commerce president Carl Beck - unlike some of his members - is not hot under the collar over de-amalgamation criticisms by the president of the region's umbrella business group.

Mr Beck said Sunshine Coast Chambers of Commerce Alliance president Stephen Dittman called to discuss his views that the Coast should be staying united.

"Some of our people have got very up in arms about it, saying they (the alliance) should be supporting us," Mr Beck said.

"I never thought they would.

"Rather than dance around the mulberry bush and not say anything, I'd rather say we'll agree to disagree."

Mr Beck believes the alliance was worth preserving.

"Because they said that, it doesn't mean they aren't supporting us - it just means that they think Noosa should be part of it (the regional council)," Mr Beck said.

"I made it clear to Stephen Dittman when he called me. I said 'Hey, if that's how you feel, that's fine'.

"I said 'There's a couple of things about it I'd like to make clear - one, the Noosa Chamber of Commerce has always been for de-amalgamation. We believe strongly that Noosa needs its own council'."

Mr Beck said everyone in Noosa Chamber was on the same page about de-amalgamation.

"That's not how they think of it down there. They're very pro-development and that's fine," Mr Beck said.

"If it's up to me, I don't intend shutting the door (on the alliance) because I think that would be stupid because the alliance has a lot to offer.

"If the Noosa (Chamber) board wants that (to split from the alliance) to happen, then that will happen."

However, he would be unhappy with any move to quit the regional chamber group.

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