Brian Organ caught this queenfish on a live herring bait at the river mouth.
Brian Organ caught this queenfish on a live herring bait at the river mouth.

Best flathead season in years

THE Noosa River is performing like never before when it comes to large flathead captures. We seem to be having one of the best flathead seasons in memory.

The run out tide has been fantastic with good catches being recorded throughout the system. Yet another metre-plus fish was recorded last week with plenty more into the high 80cm and early 90cm range.

Fishing live bait close to the bottom on the drift seems to be the way to tangle with these monster flatties.

For those who can't get live bait, fish baits like whitebait and small pilchards fished on gang hooks and lightly weighted just enough to get them to the bottom. Soft plastics have also been claiming their fair share of flatties, Zman Minnowz in 3in, Chase baits in 2.5 and 3 inch and gladiator prawns have all recorded good catches.

The use of scent will enhance the productivity of your plastic fishing and is essential if you want consistent results.

Whiting have slowed a little this week with the change of the tide cycle. Anglers are still catching them with live yabbies and live worms and have seeing reasonable catches around the top and start of the run out tide.

The river has seen an increase in catches of bream with a few older breeding fish around the 40cm mark.

The run-out tide seems to be working the best if you can tie in a night fish with a run out tide you should come up with the goods.

Baits for bream are foul gut, mullet gut, white bait and mullet strips.

Kale Kale trevally have shown up this week - some really good sized fish have been caught in the river.

Fish up to 60cm have been landed with some bigger models escaping the net.

Diamond trevallies are still in good numbers with a few good sized goldens thrown into the mix. Big eyes are being caught in the low light hours of the day.

Plastics like the Zman streaks 3.75, gladiator prawns and chase bait in 3in have been working really well. A combination of slow retrieves and fast erratic retrieves will see these fish strike hard.

A few good sized queen fish have been caught on the current lines. Fishing on the darker side of the line and casting into the clearer water bringing your lure back through the change of colour has been very successful.

On the offshore seen, there has been a few nice weather windows last week the offshore with angler getting out among the fish.

Coral trout are still in great numbers with Venus tusk fish grass sweetlip, and the odd pearl perch starting to show up on Sunshine reef.

North reef has produced scarlet sea perch, Spanish mackeral, good sized tusk fish, snapper and squire. As the water cools snapper will show in good numbers.

A great way to target these fish is with slow jigs like the river 2 sea Octo sniper. Jigs are dropped to the bottom and pitched gently and slowly snapper find them hard to resist.

Tuna have been in great numbers in the past week with plenty of fish just outside the breakers, they mainly consist of mack tuna but there were quite a few a few long tails among them.

Noosa Northshore has been firing with bream, whiting and flathead all coming from the gutters.

Double Island point has fished well with some good gutters up at the northern end of the beach. Live worms and prawns are great bait.

Borumba Dam has been fishing well with good numbers of bass being taken near the boat ramp and in the timber.

Saratoga have been caught in the upper reaches of each arm with surface lures. Red claw are being caught in good numbers.

Lake Macdonald has good size bass at the bubble line and around the botanic gardens.

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