Nearly all the contents of the yellow bins are being recycled.
Nearly all the contents of the yellow bins are being recycled. Contributed

Bins not 'wheelie' a waste

JUST a touch more than 5% of recycling bin contents end up in landfill, according to a Noosa community group, which is urging residents not to be discouraged by recent landfill dumping concerns.

Cooroy Area Residents Association president Rod Ritchie has been given a break down of the recycling rates of Noosa waste sent to the Nambour landfill material recovery facility by the collection services co-ordinator Garry Reeve.

"He has provided me with an overview of what happens to the material collected in our yellow recycling wheelie bins,” Mr Ritchie said.

"Following the recent Four Corners investigation into the recycling industry in New South Wales, many Noosa residents wondered just where the shire's recyclables went. The recycling contamination rate is 5.34% of the material received, and this is all that gets sent to landfill.”

Mr Ritchie said the MRF was operated under contract by Visy Recycling, which processed the recycling streams of paper and cardboard, plastic containers, aluminium and steel cans plus glass bottles and jars. Noosa Council said locals should feel confident the majority of the items from their recycling bin were being recycled. Council said Visy had advised "all recyclable material, including glass,delivered to the Nambour MRF is beneficially reused in accordance with the terms and conditions of our contract and that no materials, other than contaminants, are sent to landfill”.

Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington said council's Towards Zero Waste initiative committed to reducing landfill waste and increasing recycling.

"It's important to note that a significant amount of recycling occurs on-site at our resource recovery centre on Eumundi-Noosa Rd,” Cr Wellington said.

"For example, garden waste is mulched and made available free of charge to the public. Building waste, including timber, concrete and metal, is segregated.”

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