Black swan is a celebrity on Coast beach

Scotty Hill snapped a selfie with the swan.
Scotty Hill snapped a selfie with the swan. Contributed

A CURIOUS black swan has made a name for itself on one Sunshine Coast beach.

The bird has been reportedly calling Bulcock Beach home for several months now and has been making friends with the locals.

Sunshine Coast Daily reader Elaine Stephens shared her photo of the swan walking right up to beachgoers before a flurry of others also shared their experiences with the same swan.

"That swan was hilarious," Bec Bryant said.

"It swam the whole length of the tide line and stopped and said hello to every single person."


"I've seen him waddling up and down the Bulcock Beach area for a little while now," Cameron Larry Tenardi added.

Anne Crowley said the swan wasn't afraid to get up close and personal.

"We were there...and he was sitting on a lady's shoulder and she was hand feeding him, just beautiful," she said.

Tracey Shuttlewood said the swan's interaction had "made the kids' day".

And while David Dowling said the swan "will come right up to you and feed out of your hand", the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection advised that it wasn't in the best interest of the bird.

"While it may be fun to get close to a wild animal, feeding is not always as innocent as it seems-and may actually be harming the wildlife being fed," they said.

"We need to question what the long-term impacts are on any wild animals that we are feeding today as well as the possibility of any immediate harm."

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