Debbie Harry.
Debbie Harry.

Blondie singer says she is bisexual cause women are sensual

DEBBIE Harry has revealed she is bisexual after admitting that rumours she had affairs with women over the years were true, claiming that girls are "more sensual".

Debbie Harry has revealed she is bisexual and thinks "women are more sensual".

The iconic rocker has been the subject of longstanding speculation regarding her sexuality and rumoured flings with females, and she has opened up about her past.

Asked whether the reports regarding her affairs with women were true, she said: "Yeah ... Let's say women are more sensual ... I don't know if I have any specific requirements.

"Just somebody nice, who has a good sense of humour and loves to have sex. What more could you ask for?"

The Blondie singer also discussed the criticisms aimed at modern pop stars like Miley Cyrus for being too risque, and insisted they should be allowed to do "what they think is going to work".

During an interview in Germany, she added: "I was criticised for being too overtly sexual, which was very innocent compared to what is going on now,' she said.

'I think they're entitled to do what they feel or what they think is going to work for them. And I think they look good. It seems part of the standard for today really."

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