Alan Bonsall answers critics on his de-amalgamation alliance

AMID rumblings from Sunshine Coast Council supporters that the community de-amalgamations forums devised by Kin Kin local Allan Bonsall was a Noosa Independence Alliance front that was excluding the voice of Mayor Mark Jamieson, the Noosa News put that to the meetings' instigator.

Mr Bonsall is already on record as saying the meetings will examine the implications of a "yes" or a "no" vote, and people should think long and hard about what's important to them and which council is most likely to protect their interests.

One council supporter pointed out that according to a Free Noosa website, Mr Bonsall spoke strongly on behalf of the Noosa Hinterland Alliance in favour of the de-amalgamation at a November meeting in Pomona.

Mr Bonsall was asked by the News if he was a member of the NIA. He said "never".

"The only connection I have in all of this, is that we formed a group called the Hinterland Noosa Alliance about 12 months ago.

"The fundamental charter of the HNA is to provide a united voice for communities in the hinterland."

Mr Bonsall said the aim was to get all the community groups' representatives from Cooroy, Kin Kin, Pomona and surrounds around a table to identify the issues that affect all of the hinterland.

"I suggested a community forum and to their credit (the NIA), they said 'We will help, we will put some volunteers out there.

"Whatever you need us to do but we will not interfere with and we will not direct your agenda'."

Mr Bonsall was asked why Cr Jamieson had not been invited to attend meetings where Mr Playford, and ex-Noosa mayor, was welcome to be part of an information panel.

"The blunt answer I would give is that this is not about a politician's view of the world. What we're trying to establish is a forum (of Noosa people) to give their view of what they want.

"We intend to publish it - we'll put the results of the forum up on a website and the councillors prospective, or the councillors current can look at that and say 'are we prepared to deliver against that?'.

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