Book review: In Her Blood

In Her Blood is a gritty, fast-paced story.
In Her Blood is a gritty, fast-paced story.

BOOK: In Her Blood
AUTHOR: Annie Hauxwell
PUBLISHER: Penguin Aust
RRP $29.95


AUTHOR Annie Hauxwell abandoned law to work as an investigator for a private firm.

That experience is put to good use in In Her Blood, which reveals the corruption and seedy underbelly of the global financial crisis.

With London bankers running for the hills the loan sharks move in and become the money lenders.

They are making a killing - literally - to ensure their loans are paid back.

Enter investigator Catherine Berlin, who, after a tip off from her local loan shark, finds the almost headless body of her informant floating in the Thames.

Then Berlin stumbles on a second body - her notorious doctor who's been murdered in his studio.

Missing is his stock of pharmaceutical heroin.

Two bodies in one day and both linked to Berlin.

She's not only implicated in murder but she's dragged into the investigation by an unorthodox detective.

And worse - she's missing her supply of that bit of white powder she needs to get through the day.

In Her Blood is a gritty, fast-paced story.

It's just the ticket for readers who like their crime fiction a shade darker than normal.

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