Book review: Man Drought

BOOK: Man Drought
AUTHOR: Rachael Johns
PUBLISHER: Harlequin
RRP: $29.99


MAN Drought is an exciting new romance novel from talented author Rachael Johns whose previous novel Jilted earned her a multitude of fans all eager to enjoy her laid-back writing style.

When Imogen Bates loses her husband, her friends constantly encourage her to start dating.

But Imogen has other plans. She buys a run-down old pub in Gibson's Find in outback Western Australia, far removed from her previous life, and tries to move on without her beloved Jamie.

In a town starved of females, there are plenty of single, eligible men who would like nothing more than to spend a quiet moment with the vivacious redhead; however there's one man who isn't remotely interested in Imogen.

Handsome sheep farmer Gibson Black had his dream of the perfect family life when his wife left him and the new girl in town reminds his too much of his wife.

Besides, he likes the single life and there is nothing that will tempt him back onto the romance train; how can Imogen convince him he can't live without her?

This is a joyous story of learning to let go of the past and embrace the future.

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