Ministers says the big split of councils is going so well

BREAKING up might have been hard to do, but the Noosa and Sunshine Coast council separation has exceeded Local Government Minister David Crisafulli's expectations.

But the former North Queensland councillor had some strong relationship advice on Tuesday after an early morning working breakfast with the new Noosa Council and Member for Noosa Glen Elmes.

Mr Crisafulli's stance basically boiled down to - get over your differences and serve the best interests of your people.

"If we were to say 12 months where we thought we'd be at this stage, I think we've exceeded our expectations," Mr Crisafulli said.

"It's really, really worked. So there's challenges ahead and there will be disagreements. Both sides will obviously fight for their patch and so they should.

"It's about relationships and my message is pretty clear - each can have a proud identity.

"That's great, but each should realise that they serve a community which each has got a bright future."

Mr Crisafulli urged both councils to "take the best of both worlds" as they head their separate ways.

"Let's find what is the niche that makes each of those areas special, but still look for the economic development opportunities on your own terms.

"The Sunshine Coast has made a clear decision that it wants to be an economic powerhouse," he said.

"Noosa wants to strike a balance between jobs and lifestyle - that's the individual nature that comes with having respective councils."

The minister said his message to Noosa councillors was to "develop a new planning scheme as quickly as you can, and embrace opportunities on your terms".

Mr Crisafulli said only time would tell if Noosa's claims of de-amalgamation costs coming in at under $5 million proved correct rather than the Queensland Treasury Corporation estimate of $13.6 million.

"I've said all along that it's up to each individual council to look for savings," he said.

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