Cadbury Caramilk bars are causing a stir.
Cadbury Caramilk bars are causing a stir.

Bring Caramilk back! Thousands sign chocolate petition

A PETITION begging Cadbury to permanently stock its Caramilk chocolate block has racked up almost 11,000 signatures in less than a day.

Comedian Christian Hull started the petition yesterday, saying: "Cadbury brought out the most delicious chocolate of all time 'Caramilk'. It has been so successful and yet Cadbury will stop producing it. How Dare They!".

Thousands of outraged chocoholics who commented on the petition said they were experiencing "withdrawals" and urged the chocolate giant to restock supermarket shelves immediately.



Teresea Sanders, who commented on the petition, said: "It's delicious and should be made available to us … it would make sense for them to sell it full time."

Dee Schefe said: "It's outrageous to deny our tastebuds of this delicious chocolate! Come on Cadbury ... we need this!"

While Julie Tullberg said:" Caramilk is an excellent product which will help Cadbury earn millions and millions of dollars. This is better than Dairy Milk, better than fruit and nut - and all the original blocks. This is the best chocolate Cadbury has produced and we need it on the shelves."



Shoppers were sent into frenzy when Cadbury was forced to pull the chocolate from shelves after "small flexible pieces of food grade plastic" were found in the product due to a "machinery fault".

But it appears the last of the cult favourite has hit supermarkets, with no plans to make any more.

Cadbury and Hull have been contacted for comment.


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