Businessman marks 20 years

As Noosa grows older and more established, it sees significant anniversaries celebrated by business people who had the vision to settle here a few decades ago.

Physiotherapist Peter Hogg recently celebrated 20 years operating his business in Noosa.

He arrived in town in 1988 after leaving Melbourne, prepared to “give Noosa a go” for a few years.

Now, two decades later, he is a dedicated local with no desire to return to Melbourne, apart from visits to family.

“I saw the light back then’’ he said. “I was driving 50 minutes to work every day and I worked it out that I was spending close to 28 days a year in traffic.”

With no traffic lights and very little traffic in Noosa 20 years ago, Peter settled in quickly and bought a practice in Noosa with his physio tutor.

“Initially I was in Noosa Junction and sold out of the partnership to relocate within the Junction,” he said. “We outgrew the practice in terms of size, so we moved to Goodchap Street into more modern and spacious rooms.

“In the early days there was a population of only about 25,000 and only one other physio practice at Tewantin.

“Today it is so different. The number of medical people, dentists, lawyers and physios is probably tenfold.”

Peter says he has survived in business for two decades by offering a thorough service and giving people adequate time to deal with their problems.

Surrounding yourself with a good team is essential in any business according to Peter.

Employing other physiotherapists who specialise in certain areas is something else Peter believes strongly in.

“We provide manual therapy and Pilates and we have a psychologist now,” he said.

“I’m still in it (business) for another 10 years. I’ve set my goals. I’m still committed.”

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