BUSTING: A walker up Mount Coolum desperately searches for a loo.
BUSTING: A walker up Mount Coolum desperately searches for a loo. John McCrutcheon

State Govt flushes push for loo at Mt Coolum

UPDATE: Sorry folks, the State Government has no plans to build any toilet facility catering for the 300 plus people who walk up Mount Coolum every day.

A Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services spokeswoman has confirmed the loo situation hasn't changed despite an urgent plea from Member for Maroochydore, Fiona Simpson and the local residents and tourists who use the walk.

And in further bad news, there are no plans to build a new path up to the summit of the mountain, which quickly becomes crowded with the hundreds of people trying to get to the top.

"The management plan in place for Mount Coolum National Park states the major purposes of management will be to ensure natural vegetation and geological formations are protected," the spokeswoman said.

Also, visitor access will be "confined to pedestrian use only and no toilets will be provided".

An option to develop another summit trail had been raised and considered previously and then discarded.

"Due to the steepness and high erodibility and the associated high costs to build and maintain such a trail, QPWS does not consider the development of another trail as being a viable option at this time.

"QPWS will continue to focus efforts in maintaining the sustainability of the existing access."

EARLIER: An average of 300 people a day are facing a wee problem at Mount Coolum.

They've done the approximately hour long hike to the top only to discover there is nowhere to "go".

Despite Mount Coolum attracting 10,000 visitors a month, there are no public toilet in the area.

The nearest toilet is a 1.8km hike away at Birrahl Park.

Member for Maroochydore, Fiona Simpson, has been calling for toilets to be created in the National Park for over a year.

It's a call that has gone unanswered.

"I have contacted Environment Minister Steven Miles and invited him out year and he has refused to come," she said.

Some walkers the Daily met at the site, like Bryan Sinclair, admit they have "been known to pee at the top".

First time walker, Bribie Island's Ian Mischewski, was desperately searching with another walker at the base of the mountain for a place to go.

"I'm surprised there are not any here," he said.

He had no idea where the nearest one was, or where Birrahl Park was when told that was where to go.

Ms Simpson took the Daily to what has obviously become a popular bush toilet in the park with toilet paper scattered everywhere and evidence of human faeces.

She has ramped up the campaign to bring facilities to the area with a visit from Shadow Environment Minister Dr Christian Rowan.

She said local residents and visitors had complained about lack of toilet facilities at this popular iconic tourist destination and she was asking the State Labor Government to provide these much needed facilities.

"I've sponsored a petition on behalf of local residents and lobbied the Minister to ask for public amenities to be provided for the 10,000 people who climb Mount Coolum every month," Ms Simpson said.

"There is clearly a need for public toilets at this iconic tourist destination.

"Last year we had over a thousand people join the petition and local residents are fed up with people going to the toilet in their gardens.

"Instead of doing something about it, the Minister says that people can travel another 1.8 kilometres to the nearest public toilet in Birrahl Park.

"We're seeing our pristine National Park becoming littered with toilet paper and human waste, so obviously the Minister's solution isn't working.

"Local residents and visitors are wanting to see action now."

Ms Simpson said she had invited Dr Rowan to listen to the concerns of residents and community groups and to hear their suggestions for better management of the summit track.

"The Mount Coolum National Park Management Plan was written in 1998 and it is long overdue for an update," she said.

"I recently asked a question in Parliament about when this plan would be reviewed and what community involvement would there be.

"Last week the Minister advised that the management plan would be reviewed next year and public consultation will occur in May 2017.

"I am seeking feedback from the community now and have invited the Shadow Minister to hear first-hand from local residents about their solutions for better management of the National Park."

Ms Simpson invited local residents and community groups to attend a round table discussion forum with the Shadow Minister and representatives of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Department.

"The need for public toilets is clearly the number one concern we are hearing, but we also want to consider other issues such as an extension to the summit track and better signage to educate people about our local indigenous heritage and protecting our precious local flora and fauna."

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