PEOPLE POWER: Former councillor Vivien Griffin in protest mode.
PEOPLE POWER: Former councillor Vivien Griffin in protest mode. Mike Garry

Call for fight to stop the Noosa flyovers

MORE than two decades ago, eastern beaches residents fought to protect the extraordinary Marcus high dunes and the Noosa National Park corridor on behalf of the whole Noosa community.

Now they are desperate to preserve their airspace from invasive overhead flights.

"We fought to protect the Marcus high dunes, we rallied against the eastern motorway route and we stood up for Emu Swamp,” former Noosa councillor and current president of the Sunshine Coast Environment Council Vivien Griffin said.

The Marcus Beach resident said it now appears this narrow green corridor will be used as a short-cut for the majority of Sunshine Coast Aiprort flights to and from Sydney and Melbourne.

"In the original EIS, the narrow green break between Marcus and Castaways had been designated as a secondary flight path for the new runway, but now Airservices Australia are admitting that the majority of flights to and from Sydney and Melbourne will use this route, given the emergence of smart- tracking navigation technology.” she said.

She said eastern beaches residents' lifestyle is to be sacrificed to save on costs to air companies.

"Airservices Australia note that aircraft arriving and departing for Sydney and Melbourne will use the secondary corridor to save the extra flying distance and time which would otherwise be required if they used the primary approach corridor,” Ms Griffin said.

"The prevailing southeast sea breeze will mean that noise is directed beyond the flight path to Sunrise Beach as well.

"The original EIS stated that significant noise impact is generally only considered to be an issue where jet aircraft overfly residential areas below 5000 feet.”

Ms Griffin said these flights are shown to be at 3000 feet.

"I have to ask why there was no meaningful consultation with Noosa residents in 2014 and why no consultation has occurred with coastal residents in 2019? Clearly coast residents are the pawns to be sacrificed for cheaper aircraft flying costs,” she said.

"I would hope Noosa Council grasps these issues and stands up strongly for us.”

Ms Griffin said Noosa Council needs to pursue every avenue to ensure that a proper EIS is conducted by the Sunshine Coast Council, with all the facts on the table for everyone to have input.

"They should also be writing to the co-ordinator general, pointing out the flaws in the original EIS, and also writing to local member Sandy Bolton and the Commonwealth Minister and Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.”

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