Call for state to spend in Noosa

SORRY STATE: The TAFE Queensland East Coast Tewantin Campus is so run-down.
SORRY STATE: The TAFE Queensland East Coast Tewantin Campus is so run-down. Warren Lynam

NOOSA MP Glen Elmes' wishlist for some state budget goodies being handed out today is for some serious dollars to be committed to secure the future of the Noosa Hospital, progress the Beckmans Rd duplication and to rejuvenate the sorry-looking Tewantin TAFE.

"I am hoping in the course of the next six months to see a resolution on the future of the Noosa Hospital,” Mr Elmes said.

"The current lease expires 30 June 2020 and the LNP has in place its policy to secure its future including a major funding injection.

"I have been working with the present government to secure something similar,” he said.

Mr Elmes said Beckmans Rd was the last piece of essential state road infrastructure required in Noosa.

"Figures I have obtained previously suggest that the work to completion is estimated to be in the vicinity of 37 million dollars,” he said.

The LNP MP understands the Queensland Government has a ledger value of the old Tewantin TAFE buildings of $3.5 million dollars.

"In my view the abandoned and degraded buildings are not worth anything like that,” he said.

"I am looking to see a plan within the state budget to sell, lease or tender the buildings so that they can be returned for community use and the budget to maintain the disused asset be better spent elsewhere.”

Mr Elmes said the State Government has a big job ahead of it to convince people that "it is responsible with taxpayers' dollars”.

"Over the last two years they've robbed and pillaged every piggy bank in the state, every hollow log ... most recently the superannuation for public servants,” Mr Elmes said.

He said the state was now taking 100% of the electricity retailers' dividends.

"So if anyone wants to realise why their electricity bills are going up, there it is.”

He said car registration was going up for the third time in three years at double the CPI rate.

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