More people are surviving cancer than ever before.
More people are surviving cancer than ever before. Warren Lynam

Cancer survival statistics set to soar across Australia

A RECENT study released by the international medical journal has highlighted new global trends in cancer survival rates.

These patterns show that Australia continues to have some of the highest rates of cancer survival across the world. This is a result of early detection and improved treatment options.

Cancer Council Queensland Head of Research Joanne Aitken believes investment in cancer research and treatments needs to remain a priority.

"Funding and continued investment into population-based cancer registries is critical to the advancement of cancer control in Australia, to ensure those diagnosed have the best chance of surviving this disease," Prof Aitken said.

This news comes as new figures released by Cancer Council Queensland predict that by the year 2040, one-in-18 Australians will have a personal history of cancer.

However, the number of Australians living with or beyond cancer is set to increase by a staggering 72 per cent within these 22 years.

Cancer Council Australia CEO Sanchia Aranda said this new information drew attention to the growing need for support services for people affected by cancer.

"Looking ahead to a future when almost two million Australians will be living with or have survived cancer, Cancer Council will continue to work with the community to support our survivors," Prof Aranda said.

"Many older cancer survivors will be living with the long-term effects of cancer and its treatment alongside other chronic illnesses."

Sunshine Coast residents who are struggling with health issues surrounding cancer have praised local institutions for their support services to enhance mental and physical health.

Bloomhill Cancer Care and Nambour Hospital have been among those offering significant support to patients and their families during and after treatments.

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