Mooloolaba Caravan Park.
Mooloolaba Caravan Park. John McCutcheon

Caravan park isn't just for the privileged few

YOUR recent coverage of the Mooloolaba Caravan Park closure reported John Connolly (an ex-opponent of the closure) as stating: "After I looked at all the facts, 24 people are taking advantage of it.”

He obviously looked at biased "facts” and I would suggest that he do his maths more rigorously.

On nearly every night of the year, there would be between 50 and 100 persons enjoying the beach park. If the average time of stay at the park is seven days, then perhaps 3000 different persons enjoy the park every year.

This is just those paying to stay there. Add to this that 100-200 persons would walk (often with their dogs) on the actual sandy beach on a warm morning, then obviously there are more than 24 people taking advantage of it in its current form.

Has anybody surveyed the total number that use just the beach walk on any single warm day, outside those from the caravan park itself? I would suggest that hundreds use the beach walk and are not concerned by the presence of caravans.

Further, it is often stated that the beach and park are only used by a "privileged few”.

The above numbers negate that statement and indeed, other people also can and do walk through the park itself. The park is not just for the privileged few in that anybody can book a tent or use a caravan there, so long as they pay perhaps $50 a night.

Yes, perhaps a privileged 150 get to use it over Easter, but this is the same as at Cotton Tree and at all popular caravan parks.

How about a comprehensive survey of the local businesses to access the value of the park to the local community? What is the total amount of money paid by occupants of the park to the council over a year?


Mt Gravatt

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