Graeme and Dixie couldn't thank their
Graeme and Dixie couldn't thank their "diamond in their day" Pat from Dunning's Fuels, enough.

Caravanners thank truckie: 'We can never thank you enough'

DIXIE and Graeme - the couple behind the popular Aussie Caravanning Lifestyle blog - have spoken out about the "diamond in their day", a truck driver who stopped to help them when they'd blown their tyre in the outback.

The couple, who are travelling around the country in a Grand Cherokee Jeep and a Jayco Silverline Outback and sharing their adventures with other travellers, blew a tyre on the Jeep about 30km short of their destination of Marble Bar.

"So, it's bloody hot outside and Graeme tells me we have got a flat tyre and that this may take some time," Dixie wrote on Facebook.

"It was time to take action. Unpack everything from the back of the Jeep onto the red dirty because we need to get the jack and spare tyre.

"But to be honest, somebody must have been looking after us. As we stopped and started to unload, we could see someone coming the other way because of the dust in the sky.

"The rumbling we heard was a Dunning's fuel taker doing his rounds to different stations. The driver stopped and said to Graeme with a cheeky grin, 'Good place to stop, is everything okay?'"

Dixie said the driver quickly offered to help and connected an air hose to his onboard compressor and located the puncture.

He found the tyre had a tear within a groove of the tread and despite several attempts to plug it, he couldn't stop the air from escaping.

"By this time, we had got to know this 'Good Samaritan' as Pat from Darwin. Unfortunately, the plugs did not seal the puncture," Dixie wrote.

"Pat without any hesitation decided that we needed the spare wheel fitted. Within no time, he had the jack under the Jeep and the spare wheel on.

"Thank you Pat for being on the same road as us at the right moment. We know you gave us a lot of your valuable time and we delayed you reaching your destination. This whole episode took an hour without one ounce of 'hurry up' from Pat.

"We can never thank you enough Pat and you were the 'diamond' in our day." 

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