Careless driver caused motorbike rider to crash

A WOMAN whose careless driving on a busy Toowoomba street caused a motorbike rider to crash and suffer serious injuries has avoided having a conviction recorded and her licence suspended.

Childcare worker Arwai Muorbuoc Deng, 42, today pleaded guilty in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court to one charge of driving without due care and attention after leaving the Sunday PCYC markets on March 26 and heading west on Herries St.

Prosecutor Mike Robinson said Deng heard a loud bang after travelling through the Clifford St intersection and, on looking in the rear vision mirror, saw a male motorbike rider lying on the ground.

She returned to the scene to check on the man who was later taken to Toowoomba Hospital with serious injuries including nine broken ribs, a ruptured spleen, kidney damage and internal bleeding.

He was later airlifted to the PA Hospital in Brisbane and continues to undergo treatment for his injuries, Sgt Robinson said.

Police at the scene of the crash spoke with Deng and another witness, and later with the motorbike rider.

Deng told officers she didn't believe she had struck the bike and said there was no damage to her vehicle.

But a witness reported seeing Deng's black Ford Territory 4WD merge across the two-lane road which forced the motorbike to take evasive actions and ultimately crash into a pole and metal bin.

Deng's solicitor Troy Krahenbring said his client had been travelling about 40kmh in the 60kmh zone and had not seen the motorbike due to the car's elevation and the bike's low position to the road.

Mr Krahenbring asked no conviction be recorded against his client due to her work as a childcare worker in Toowoomba and because any conviction may impact her ability to obtain the required Blue Card for working with children.

Magistrate Andy Cridland described the matter as "unusual" and clarified the only reason she was before the court was because she had returned to the crash scene.

Mr Cridland said there was no doubt Deng's driving caused the motorbike rider to crash into the bin.

"Certainly you are only here because you have returned (to the crash scene)," Mr Cridland said.

He fined Deng $900 and ordered she pay $93.60 in court costs.

No conviction was recorded, and her licence was not suspended.

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