HEALTHY PASSION: Cassie Macdonald has just released the second edition of her cookbook, Clean Indulgence.
HEALTHY PASSION: Cassie Macdonald has just released the second edition of her cookbook, Clean Indulgence. Brett Wortman

Cassie’s offering food for thought

ALL her life Sunshine Coast personal trainer and nutrition student Cassie Macdonald has wanted to help people and now she is making a difference through her passion for good health.

What started as simply eating and cooking tasty, nutritious food with family and friends, has become a runaway business with two best-selling recipe books, a website and thousands of loyal fans.

As the owner and founder of Clean Indulgence, the Mountain Creek woman began sharing her recipes and food after she rediscovered a passion for cooking and lost more than 20kg.

"I lost my weight by changing my lifestyle to healthier alternatives and exercise," Cassie, 23, said.

"But I know firsthand how hard it can be to stay motivated and believe in yourself.

"It is just so amazing when I receive emails from people saying how much I have changed their lives just from my recipes by helping them to understand what healthy eating is and how easily accessible ingredients and recipes are.

"I think people are really excited to see a cookbook that isn't only good for you but user-friendly for the whole family to enjoy."

Cassie's second edition of Clean Indulgence is filled with new and higher quality tips and recipes for healthy, "clean" food.

As a ligament disease sufferer who has undergone six knee surgeries, Cassie understands that many people can't exercise on a daily basis because of injuries.

So Clean Indulgence is designed to help them reach their goals by creating nutrient-dense meals.

In an effort to further develop her knowledge of nutrition, Cassie is also studying a Bachelor of Nutrition, which she feels goes hand in hand with her love for food and creating delicious recipes.

"I just want people to have the knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle overall and help to limit chronic disease and illness all over Australia and I believe this starts with creating a healthy lifestyle," she said.

Cassie's second book is available online for $29.95 with information at

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