CAT PLAGUE: More than 50 kittens rescued in one day

ABANDONED: 51 kittens and cats rescued in a single day by a Fraser Coast volunteer.
ABANDONED: 51 kittens and cats rescued in a single day by a Fraser Coast volunteer. Facebook

ANIMAL rescuers across the Fraser Coast are becoming more and more frustrated with irresponsible cat owners, after more than 50 kittens and cats were reportedly collected in a single mission.

Senior manager of the Maryborough Animal Refuge Blair Harris said the centre was almost full to the brim with unwanted felines, and it happens every six months or so.

"The message just doesn't seem to be working, people just don't understand," Ms Harris said.

"It's a never-ending cycle."

One animal rescue volunteer took to Facebook to express her anger at irresponsible pet owners, and uploaded a photo of a cage filled with rescued kittens found in Glenwood.

"When will people realise how devastating not desexing is!?" the post read.

"51 cats and kittens rescued in a single mission today with many more still to go…"

Ms Harris said the most recent influx of kittens started about two weeks ago, and was expected to get worse before the end of summer.

Currently, the Maryborough centre is caring for more than 20 kittens, plus older cats who are yet to be re-homed.

The senior manager said not only were cat owners allowing their pets to breed illegally, but were also simply giving the unwanted litters away through internet sites.

Ms Harris said by not surrendering the unwanted animals to a pound or centre, the cycle would only continue.

"People just don't understand, by giving away their kittens on the internet, they would just be creating even more unwanted litters," she said.

"We get on the internet and we ask them [the owners] to surrender and they say no, and I don't understand that mentality because we do our very best to care for the kittens and we don't euthanize."

Ms Harris said if the animals could not be re-homed, they would be fostered out or sent to another refuge either in the region or in Brisbane.

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