CEO says show us the split payout

NOOSA is yet to close the de-amalgamation cash settlement deal with the Sunshine Coast Council and it is costing CEO Brett de Chastel not only sleep but his remaining hair.

Mr de Chastel told a Noosa Shire Residents and Ratepayers Association meeting he hoped to finally "crack the back" of the split- up by the end of June when Noosa Council delivered "a balanced budget that looks after Noosa's assets".

"So what keeps me awake at night?" he said during his ratepayers' address.

"Number one is that we're still having discussions with our friends from the south about the financial settlement.

"So we've settled almost every issue through the transfer committee process and that's worked quite well.

"I'd have to say John Knaggs, the (Sunshine Coast) CEO has been very professional, very straight down the line and has done a good job."

But Mr de Chastel said the two councils still hadn't resolved the cash payout to Noosa as part of the carve up.

"It's a bit like a divorce - who gets the cash?" Mr de Chastel said.

"We're still working through a whole series of processes - we got our technical advice people on it.

"We've got one guy internally who knows this so well, we're really lucky to have him.

"And there's a consultant who's the best in Queensland at this, who only deals with high level local government finance."

Mr de Chastel said the Noosa team was "going through, checking every line item, to make sure we get the best deal for the Noosa ratepayers that we can".

"So it's not resolved, we're still working it through," he said.

"I'd like to know, John Knaggs would like to know, how much money each of us is going to get when we split it all up. We're getting closer, every week we're getting closer, but we're not there yet."

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