Changing lives of troubled children

IS IT just me or does everyone believe we can change the future for troubled kids?

Today we launch Mix FM's Give Me Five for Kids, a month-long fundraising campaign to support a Child Development Service on the Sunshine Coast.

We're aiming for $300,000. It's a big ask, but the CDS will help every child under age of seven on the Coast, either directly or by calming the "naughtiest" kid in the school.

You know the kid in Prep who can't sit still on the mat, who smacks other kids on the head and generally causes chaos? He has a treatable developmental disorder.

The boy whose speech is so delayed he is isolated from classmates and sometimes turns to violence to get their attention? The girl who can't colour neatly or even hold scissors properly?

All these children suffer some sort of developmental disorder which can be successfully treated.

The Child Development Service will scoop these kids up, get to the bottom of their particular issue and implement strategies to help their parents, the school and most importantly the child.

Ideally, we'd like to help build a service away from the hospital environment, where kids can go without feeling like they are sick, or there is something "wrong" with them.

And we'll try to make fundraising fun, starting with Jessie's Party in the Park, at Fraser Park, Golden Beach this Sunday.

Thanks to Suncity Travel Caloundra we are raffling a trip to Hawaii, we've got a Bowls Day, a Rollerdrome Party and a chance to get inside an F111 at Caloundra Air Museum.

If you're an artist, we'd love you to donate a piece for our art auction and if you're a business we'll broadcast from your premises for a price.

Our Noosa ladies lunch will get you a private audience with Darren Percival and there are a bunch of Harley owners who want to take you for a Sunday ride.

Last but not least, why not lace up for Run Sunshine Coast on Sunday, June 29?

There are lots of ways to help out this month, most of them involve something pretty social.

So I hope you get involved and every cent you spend is going to a kid that really needs it. Find out more at

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